Ultimate Cost to Develop User-Friendly Apps like Tabby & Tamara in 2024

The Buy Now Pay Later app trend is expanding day by day. Thus, many people wanted to create an app similar to Tabby, which serves the best facility of BNPL service. But what are BNPL services? Well! BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) apps have become the leading product for all e-commerce businesses. In this most famous app, App Like Tamara, according to recent statistics, over 3 million customers and around 900+ merchants use the outstanding Buy Now Pay Later feature.  Thus, many new entrepreneurs look for developing apps like Tabby and Tamara to facilitate people and business users around the world. These apps work on BNPL services. In our guide, we will get to the Cost of developing buy now pay later apps in UAE. DeviceBee mobile apps developer team will guide you through the overall average Cost to develop an app and what factors affect the overall Cost.

What is the Average Cost to Develop an App Like Tabby?

The Cost of developing an app like Tabby and Tamara depends on a number of factors. These include the app’s features, size, e-wallet system and ultimately, the Cost to hire the best mobile app Development Company in Dubai on an hourly basis. 

Average Cost to Develop an App Like Tabby - DeviceBee

The average Cost to develop an app like Tabby and Tamara is between $9,000 and $35,000. However, the Cost may fluctuate. It depends on the features and maintenance time it needs to get the ultimate app like Tabby at checkout.  

Category of Services to Develop App and Overall Cost

  • Planning and design of the app cost up to $5000
  • Point-of-sale app development costs range from $10,000 to $25000
  • Testing of the app costs up to $5000
  • Deployment is time taking, and costs depend on an hourly basis, ranging from $5000-$8000
  • Compliance and security of this app cost up to $5000 based on the features
  • Maintenance cost and support services cost range from $4000-$7000
  • When it comes to marketing and launching, BNPL services are needed, which cost up to $15000

It is possible to develop this kind of app at a reasonable cost to let worldwide clients enjoy shopping. If you hire a mobile application Development Company in Dubai, they will split the development of this app into three milestones. You can also connect with the best developers and marketing experts of deviceBee to not only develop business apps but also market them on different platforms!

Major Factors Affecting the Average Cost to Develop an App like Tabby

Before we dive into the section to know the average Cost to develop an app like Tamara, it is important to know that Tamara and Tabby are excellent examples of split payment apps. However, before estimating the overall Cost, you need to know about its technical considerations. 

Average Cost to Develop an App like Tabby - Devicebee

Also, many Android mobile apps developers give you clear and approximate estimations before building these apps. Ultimately, there are certain factors that play essential roles in determining the estimated Cost of developing an App like Tamara.

  • Selection of Developing Platform (iOS, Android, Cross-Platform)

The choice of development platform has the biggest impact on the Cost of developing an App Like Tabby. A native Android and iOS app requires more resources as compared to a cross-platform application. However, the IOS mobile app development team will notify you about the overall Cost of developing an IOS app. 

On the other hand, Flutter and React Native platforms are cross-development frameworks. Many Fintech app development companies use these frameworks to develop simple apps with minimal costs. 

  • App Complexity and Features

App Complexity and Features - Devicebee

Complexity and Cost depend on the features that you need in your app. DeviceBee Custom mobile app Development Company in Dubai guides you on what features are important for you to add to your split payment app. However, the prominent features that need to be added are expense tracking, bill splitting, etc. 

But if you want to add advanced features through Machine learning, then a custom IOS mobile app design and development team use different AI algorithms to make it efficient. Ultimately, it upgrades the Cost of developing such apps.

  • User Different Security and Authentication Measures

A financial app comprises many brands online, so it must be secure. Thus, many development teams use the best authentication system for users and brands. These included a secure login system, biometrics or instant authentications. 

These are essential to keep your app and its user’s data protected. However, these features increase the overall cost to build an app like Tamara and Tabby.

  • Real-Time and Instant Data Processor

It is important to develop a strong and instant backend infrastructure when you are integrating BNPL services. However, this feature has low latency but has the biggest impact on the development cost. That is why if you want your split payment app to work in real-time and provide all information instantly, then try to integrate a real-time notifications feature. 

The use of the latest technologies like cloud computing and Web-Socket ensures real-time communication. Also, in BNPL apps where users want to make quick transactions, your app allows them to make concurrent transactions without any delay.


For business use, the idea behind the development of the Tabby app is to allow users to buy products or services and pay in instalments later. With the growing trend and market of these apps, many entrepreneurs hire the best app developers in Dubai. They invest in IOS mobile app development services. But all of them usually think about minimising the average Cost to develop an app like Tamara and Tabby in 2024. 

To optimise and upgrade the Cost of building an app like Tamara and Tabby, a strategic approach is needed. You must hire mobile apps developer team like DeviceBee who can minimise costs without compromising on features and quality. 

If you want to build an app like Tabby to assist people in the Buy Now Pay Later facility, you must use cloud services and open-source technologies. It can reduce the overall Cost of building this productive app. These practices will help you build and reduce the Cost of developing an app like Tabby!