How much do you need to spend to build a food ordering app in the UAE?

Many businesses in the world have developed apps to get return on investment and the same is the case with UAE. You can find businesses in UAE that develop and use apps to grow their business and get successful. One such business is the food industry, and you can find many food ordering apps in the UAE.

The food industry has always been one of the dominant industries and it does not seem it will slow down soon. That is why you can find many restaurants that serve delicious food in the UAE. In addition to dining at these restaurants, people like to order food from their favorite restaurants and get them delivered at their homes, workplaces, etc. That is why people in the food industry are tending to develop food apps for their business and expand their customer base. 

If you are planning to build a food ordering app in the UAE, you should know how much it will cost to build such an app. The cost of food app development is influenced by several factors, some of which are shared here:

Complexity of the app

The cost of the app development is directly proportional to the complexity of the app. It means if the app you want to develop is less complex, it will not cost you a lot. However, if the app you want to develop is complex, then you should be ready to pay a hefty sum for the development of the app.

Design and user experienceGet Delicious and Fresh Choices with food ordering App MySofra


You need to develop an app that provides users with a smooth and seamless experience. To make this happen, the design of the app should be interactive and easy to use. It will help to keep them on the app in the long run and help to make them loyal customers of your app. When they have a good experience using your app, they will surely tell others about the app and suggest it to them. 

Platform for the app

Majority of the mobile users use either iOS or android, so you should decide for which of the two platforms you want to develop your app. You can also choose to develop an app that can work on both platforms. The cost of the app development will vary depending on the platform you choose.

App developing company you choose

App developing company you choose - Devicebee

The cost of development of your app is also influenced by the developer company you choose. If you hire a small company, it means you can get your app developed at a small cost. But the app development cost will increase depending on the size of the company you choose. If you have a limited budget, you should consider hiring a small company.

Location of the developing company

The location at which the developer company is located also determines the cost of the app development. If you choose to hire a developer in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, etc., it will cost you a lot of money to develop a food app. But if you choose to hire a company in less developed or developing countries, it may cost you less than the developed countries.

Maintenance of the app

Maintenance of the app - App Maintenance Service -Devicebee

Developing an app is not the end, you will need to take care of its maintenance and introduce updates to keep the app running smoothly. Developer companies provide maintenance of the app too, so you should discuss this matter with them in advance.

Number of features

The food apps have some essential features that you need to include in your app. These may include user registration, restaurant list, filters, menu, order placing and tracking, etc. You can add other features too if you want to. However, the cost of the app development will increase with the increasing number of features.

Average development cost

Above mentioned factors affect the development cost of a food ordering app, so you can decide your budget you can spend on developing the app. On average, it will cost you around $50,000 to $100,000 for the app development in UAE.

Final words

Now you know the factors that affect the cost of app development, so you can plan your app accordingly. You should contact developers that develop apps within your budget and discuss your app design and features with them.