How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

Initially, real estate investors, buyers, and sellers have to rely on real estate agents only. Now, real estate app development Companies have proved game changers in the real estate market. Digitalization of real estate makes it possible to look into the future plans of the company. App development companies provide complete information on their website from floorplans to pricing. This blog will highlight the features that affect the cost of the real estate app Dubai. Moreover, you can also learn the actual cost of the app development and the challenges with the development stages.

Real estate app development Stages

Before the final launch, the app development process has to pass the following stages.

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  • Development

The development stage is one of the most expensive and longer steps. It often takes approximately 190-200 hours to complete. With the help of programming languages, app development occurs. App developers keep the interests and requirements of the client in mind during the development process.

The user interface design is one of the most crucial steps while setting up a mobile or web-based app. Difficulty level, user-friendly interface, functionalities, and outlook are some of the main elements of a UI design. It may take nearly 30 or more hours to complete.

  • Testing

Testing and evaluation of quality assurance allows the developers to identify the loopholes in the app. It also takes approximately 28-30 hours.

  • Project Management

Project management accumulates and manages all stages of the development. Project managers are responsible for facilitating the developing team.  

Elements that contribute to the real estate app cost

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Several factors contribute to the cost of the best real estate app in DubaiThis section has accumulated only the main elements that can help an entrepreneur understand the crux of app development.

  • Features and Functionalities

The more and more features an app owner wants the higher the cost. Features and functionalities may include, messaging, chat, login options, property analytics, property search, buy, rent, and sell modules, listings, virtual tours, floor plans, in-app map integration, amenities, auctions, and several other options. The more functionalities a web developer adds, the higher the cost of the development. Undoubtedly, it also requires an increased development time. 

App layout and user interface also determine the cost of the app development process. The more complex design you choose the higher the cost. However, the best app development team will keep the design simpler and more accessible to the users. The best app designs require higher level testing and evaluation. 

  • Platform

The selection of a platform for app development plays a crucial role in the development phase. For what type of devices, do you develop an app? Whether you build an app for an iOS device or an Android one, each device requires strict programming language guidelines. Sometimes, app developers have to offer both web and mobile layouts to facilitate a majority of the devices in their such cases, the budget of the app development can go out of range.  

Backend development or infrastructures like servers, web hosts, and other modules surely play a vital role in the app performance. The real estate app developer in Dubai also includes data storage, data management, and regular maintenance of the app.  

  • Third-party integration

One cannot run an app successfully without third-party integration. Synchronization of the app on larger platforms and directories surely requires a higher cost. For instance, social media platforms, Google Business, Google Maps, and addition of the payment gateways increase the cost of app development.

What is the actual cost of the real estate app development services?

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No one can tell the actual cost of the Dubai real estate app development companies. As mentioned earlier, each client has its requirements to develop the best app. According to the app development stages, the cost may reach up to $15,000 or above. However, if you add advanced functionalities and features, a standard real estate app may cost nearly $26,000. There is no fixed standard to estimate the cost of an app development. So, the prices mentioned above may vary from state to state as per geo-economical situations.   

Risks and challenges associated with app development

Top mobile app Development Companies in Dubai face several local and global challenges. It may include non-compliance regulatory issues and legal challenges while developing an app. Mobile app development companies in Dubai often pay high penalties when they do not follow zonal restrictions and data breaches are found. So, real estate app developers should consult legal advisors to understand all property and digital world guidelines.  

Final Verdict

The app developer in Dubai prefers virtual tours and in-app calculators. Consumers want up-to-date estimates and mortgage rates. These features are essential to keep the real estate investors in the competition. Moreover, real-time messaging not only speeds up communication but also connects homeowners with home buyers faster.

To sum up,DeviceBee is an on-demand app development company that stands as the leading company capable of delivering the best real estate app tailored to your needs, the investment in a real estate app can bring fruitful results for the investors, buyers, and sellers. Faster payment gateways and quick property searches help to increase revenue and enhance the customer’s engagement. So, digitalization of the real estate business is an essential element when the majority of the customers want initial information and quotations online. The best real estate app can perform beyond expectations as it helps to engage more visitors with its attractive layout and quick property information.