How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Tabby?

The trend of using apps like Buy Now Pay Later sets the record in online businesses. These apps are considered reliable methods to buy services or goods and pay for those products later. The aim of BNPL services aim services is to replace the cash-on-delivery phenomenon.

What is Tabby?

Many businesses wanted to build an app like Tabby. If you don’t know what is BNPL service then you must follow our guide. DeviceBee team of expert developers will guide you through how this technology works. Let’s move further to know what this technology promises to customers!

What is BNPL Service?

BNPL services describe the phenomenon of Buy Now Pay Latter’s feasibility to customers. There are a lot of Buy Now Pay Later apps in UAE already operating. Thus, more and more businesses keep on building this kind of app to provide flexibility to customers. A variety of businesses have developed apps like Tabby UAE and other states. One of the famous and top-rated apps that millions of merchants like to have is Tabby App.

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Because of its series of flexible and useful features, around 3 million users and 900+ merchants invest in this app; Tabby has emerged as an inspirational business application for new entrepreneurs who like to get advantages from Buy Now Pay Later apps. New businesses already hire mobile app developers to build an app like Tabby, which meets their business goals.

The app comprises features like point-of-sale, instant purchasing, payment processing, etc. Thus, before building an app, many people wanted to know the entire cost of building an app like Tabby. Before considering every factor to evaluate the cost to develop an app like Tabby, first examine its core features.

Tabby App Must-Have Features to Consider

What makes this tabby app so popular in the e-commerce market? Well! The Tabby app provides flexibility to shop around without compromising security. The app allows you to enjoy shopping experience.

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The app performs seamlessly on various devices and platforms. You will find many brands online working together in this app. There are many features that you want to add, which show the average cost to develop an app.

Sign In and Sign Up Feature

Although it’s one of the most basic functions found in any shopping app, the sign-up and login feature is found in Tabby, which gives a smooth user experience. The app feature provides customers the option to check in as a customer by providing email, their contact number, and other credentials.

Brands Shop

Buy Now Pay Later or apps like Afterpay have shop features that combine with many online brands. You can even get your shop here as an entrepreneur to make your own brand category. Customers can look at the specific store and get the required products easily. The app then notifies the customers about their purchases and delivery process.

Payment After Purchase

The cost to build an app like Tabby depends on the set of features you would like to have in a business app. If you want to add payment after purchase feature, then make a list of these services and give them to the mobile app developer. IOS mobile app development services providers like DeviceBee add this feature in which customers get the item and confirm the date on which they submit the payment.

Apps like Zippay or apps like Afterpay let customers to buy things online with Afterpay model. Due to the growth of buy now pay later most of the e-commerce website like afterpay are offering this seamless payment option.


Split Payments

Customers can choose the Pay After Purchase option as well. Tabby also introduced a new feature in which customers can get products on Instalment. It allows customers to purchase the item they need and then choose split payments on a monthly basis. With apps like afterpay or apps like zippay user has the choice to pay in easy installments.

What apps let you buy now pay later?

  1. Tabby uae
  2. ZipPay
  3. AfterPay
  4. PostPay

There are a few other pay later apps like Klarna, apps similar to Klarna and afterpay are just a few more examples.

Automatic Amount Deduction

At the time when users make their purchase and set the date to pay the amount, they have to put in their card information. On the mentioned date, Tabby at checkout deducts the money for purchasing automatically from payment apps like klarna. Tabby uae is one of the fast-growing fintech apps in the UAE with a major market share.


But while developing this kind of app, always hire the best app developers in Dubai. Also, you need to make sure that while planning the system, you have to keep cancellations or products and returns in mind while making money deductions.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Building an App like Tabby

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The primary concept behind an app like Tabby is that it allows users to purchase the required product via the app and connect with retailer partners to pay them later. The IOS mobile app development company handles different tasks. Thus, we can’t say in one go that this could be the expected amount to build an app like Tabby.

Three primary sectors affect the overall cost of building this kind of app which include:

  • IOS Mobile App Design Company

Firstly, to build an app like Tabby, you need to hire an experienced and custom IOS mobile app design and development company like DeviceBee. They handle all the features that will be added to your app. If you are planning to build an app like Afterpay or app like Zippay reach us to the DeviceBee team for the best consultation. We can build similar tabby shop now pay later or payment apps like afterpay or apps like Klarna for Amazon with best price. Tabby buy now pay later is the best proven model in the market.

Here, the entire cost to design this app fluctuates, which depends on the amount of features you need. A mobile application development company in Dubai provides you with a complete guide along with the quotations to build an intuitive app like Tabby.

  • Custom Mobile App Development

Once you have the design of your app along with the features, you must hire mobile apps developer to develop your app. The company will guide you on what technology or development language they can use to build your app.

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If you would like to add AI features, then the company uses Azure or IOS development tools, which are highly efficient. But what if you want to integrate some advanced technology features like VR? In this manner, android mobile apps developer will go for machine learning app development.

  • Pay Compliances

The most important factor that influences the cost of building an app like Tabby is payment compliance. The payment application is a new concept in the financing world. Thus, it requires high investment to connect with central banks and different payment sources.

If youa re looking for pay later app or bnpl app, BNPL Apps for BNPL startup just reach us at for quick consultation. We can create an app like tabby pay later like afterpay or tabby buy now pay later.


If you want to build an app like Tabby, you must be thinking about the cost. DeviceBee is the best mobile app development company in Dubai. We are providing estimations to build apps like Tabby from start to end. However, cost is comprised of many factors that can fluctuate with the development and processing of this app.

So, it is beneficial to connect with a custom mobile app development company in Dubai that gives you complete guidance and estimations regarding this app development!