What steps to take in building a Talabat food app clone in Dubai and how much does it cost?

The food industry is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest industries in the world and no one can predict when it will be slowed down. Many restaurants have their own websites and apps that attract customers and expand their customer base. But there are also many food delivery apps like Talabat food app that are popular among users to order food online.

Talabat app is a food delivery app that collaborates with thousands of restaurants in different countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and many others. The purpose of this app is to provide an easy-to-use platform for users to order food online. Users can see menus, order food they want or customize their order, add food items to cart and make purchases. The app also makes the payment method easy by allowing the users to pay through credit or debit card or pay cash on delivery. There are many similar apps but the easy to use and interactive interface of the Talabat app makes it popular among users.

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If you are in a food business like having a restaurant of your own, having an app for your business will definitely make your business succeed. Or if you want to invest in something to get more ROI, you can consider developing a food delivery app. You can increase your revenue by developing an app like Talabat app revenue.

Steps to build a Talabat clone app

If you want to build a Talabat food app clone, you can take these steps.

Define the purpose

When you plan to develop an app, you need to identify its purpose first. Why are you developing this app and what is your target audience? Then you can do market research and visit similar apps to understand which features you need to include in your app. Some common features include registration, restaurants lists and categories, menu, cart, payment process, and tracking of order. 

Design your app

When you have decided on the features of the app. You should think about how to display them on the screen. You need to design your app thoughtfully and decide the location of different features on the screen. 

Talabat Food App

Get an app development team

You cannot develop an app on your own, so you need to hire a professional app development team in Dubai. A professional team can help you bring your ideas into reality and make an app for you according to your requirements. You need to explain the design and features you want to have in your app. And they will create an app for you based on them. It is best to hire a team that has all the experts required for Talabat clone app development under one roof. It will help you reduce development time and cut down the development costs.

Backend and frontend

Your development team will help you create the backend and frontend of your app. Backend helps to manage various operations such as user authentication, managing restaurants, processing orders, etc. On the other hand, frontend is used to implement UI and UX design of the app to provide users a smooth experience. 

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Cost to develop an app

If you want to develop a food delivery app in Dubai, you need to know the Talabat food app cost in Dubai. Developing an app for food delivery like Talabat will cost you around $20,000 to $50,000. The app costs depend on various factors such as the complexity of the app and time required to develop the app. Other factors like UX design of the app, number of features included, etc. Also affect the development cost of the app.

Final Words

You need to understand how Talabat makes money to generate revenue and get return on investment (ROI). You can ask different restaurants to use your app to get more customers and in return they can pay you a commission for every order they receive through your app. Additionally, you can also charge delivery fees, either a flat fee or charge delivery fee based on distance.