Is it easy to make a Careem App clone?

Careem is a globally renowned ride-sharing service. Despite of being popular worldwide, it has to face several challenges and threats from competitors and the cheapest taxi app in DubaiTo overcome challenges, Careem introduces new features and services over time. In addition, mobile app development companies have beaten the Careem app in the best taxi app race by making copies. This article will explore the features and benefits of the Careem clone app and how it can serve better to customers.  

Introduction to the Careem app clone


Introduction to the Careem app clone - DevicebeeCareem App Clone is a copy of the original Careem App. The purpose is to clone the functionality of the original app while adding advanced features to it. Unlike the taxi app Dubai or Sharjah taxi app, the Careem clone brings intelligent solutions for multiple services. Ride-hailing, food deliveries, home services, bookings, appointments, and several other customized features make this taxi app development company, one of the top-rated companies worldwide. 

Why Careem Clone Services?

Mobile app development Dubai offers several variations and customized features while building a taxi app for drivers and passengers. Are the taxi apps in Sharjah or Dubai competitive enough? Surely not. You can find downlinks, slowed response, lack of passengers, high rates, and several other challenges. So, taxi app development companies have brought several Careem app clones. These clones serve the customers in multiple ways:

Mobile app development in Dubai - Devicebee

  • Safe & Secured app: The best taxi apps ensure that passengers’ data remains safe and secure. From payment modes to home addresses, all data is secured with multiple layers of cyber security.
  • Highly responsive: Drivers can find the app highly responsive with Careem clones as they get access to a large audience. Moreover, passengers also need not to wait longer to hire a cab.
  • Chat with driver: Along with automated functions, passengers can have a chat with drivers. Whether you want to guide you about your home address or share the location, all is one click away.
  • Quick emergency services: Drivers and passengers can immediately contact the helpline for emergency services. Whether it is a payment issue or app hangouts, just click on the SOS button and get instant assistance.
  • Best estimates: After choosing the required vehicle, passengers can get the best payment estimates including traffic hurdles, shortcuts, or long routes. This feature not only facilitates the riders but the drivers as well.
  • Robust vehicles: Dubai taxi app for Android emphasizes to add robust vehicles. With Careem app Clones, you need to have a powerful and well-maintained vehicle before sharing a ride. This feature makes the original app popular worldwide.
  • In-app chat: While using the app, the users can have chats with friends and families.
  • In-app navigation: Location sharing, map navigation, and determination of the destination points are made easy with the Careem app copy.
  • Fast payment gateway: Dubai online taxi apps are popular for the fastest payment modes. When you have a Careem clone, it’s truly easy for the users.

What does it include in our development packages

You can find a handful of UAE taxi apps active around the states. Several service providers offer the cheapest taxi app in Dubai with Careem app-rich features. A standard Careem clone app contains packages like:

  • A customer app for iOS and Android Users
  • Driver App in Android and iOS
  • Super Admin Portal to manage bookings, riders, customers, finance and growth
  • Driver’s Portal to manage their finances, rides and payments

The interesting feature of the best taxi app in Dubai is that you will find it more collaborative and personalized than the original one. An app like the Careem taxi app offers its services across a maximum number of devices. You can find web-based apps, Android apps, and iOS. The goal is to facilitate the users across the maximum number of devices in their hands. When you go out to get the Best taxi app in Dubai, it’s none other than an app rich with Careem features. 

Is it easy to launch a super delivery app like Careem?

When you look for a taxi app for Dubai, Careem Clone is the best ride-sharing platform.  Mobile app development in Dubai can build the best Careem clones for you on short notice. It is truly easy to build an app that has Careem-like taxi app features. Careem app copies are not limited to ride-hailing services. You can find them serving couriers, food deliveries, home services, bookings, appointments, and much more. 

DeviceBee is the best App development company in Dubai, we meets the best standards of a taxi app. From passenger facilitation to the drivers’ economy, each feature is well established. Taxi app development companies do not advertise the Careem app rather their purpose is to build a robust platform that has a one-stop solution to all ride-sharing issues.