Exclusive Features to Include in the Development of the Uber Clone App

Owning a taxi business is not just about providing taxi facilities for people. But you have to work on the development of your on-demand Uber Clone App Development. Just like other apps and businesses, you need to bring strength to your business and make it grow. 

If you are running a taxi service business and want to expand your business, then you should work on the development of an easy-to-use Uber clone app. By using the right functionalities and features for your Uber Clone app development, you can not only expand your business but constantly update your app by adding the best features to increase business productivity. 

Before knowing about what sort of latest features you need to add to your Uber application, you need to understand what the Uber clone app is and how it works.

What is the Uber Clone App?

The business model of the advanced Uber Clone app become extremely successful in past years. On-demand taxi app solutions have been a top concern for business people. Therefore, businesses who are planning to start expanding their businesses use this app to provide a facility for instant car booking. That is how the Uber clone app comes into the market. 

What is the Uber Clone App? - Devicebee

Uber clone app development company developed this app, which is a ready-made solution for people. The team of developers focuses on adding new features and functionalities to expand their business needs. Uber clone app connects the drivers and people who need a driver service. People can easily book drivers along with secure transport anywhere else around the world through the app. On-demand taxi app solutions connect you with the best drivers of the company without any delay. 

3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Exciting Features in Uber Clone App

These are three basic reasons why you’ll need to work on adding advanced features to your Uber clone app. We will discuss the 3 basic reasons why you should work on custom on-demand app development

3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Exciting Features in Uber Clone App - Devicebee

  1. Adding novel solutions in this app. It can help you to expand your business and become a market leader with your exclusivity.
  2. The advanced Uber clone app will need to add new features that make the app more useful and user-friendly for the end-users.
  3. The functionalities and features for admin will help Uber Company manage the on-demand limousine app development more effectively and efficiently.

5 Advanced Key Features to Add to Your Uber Clone App

5 Advanced Key Features to Add to Your Uber Clone App - Devicebee

There are some of the new features that you must add to your Uber clone app. All of these features are important to add to your app to run your business seamlessly!

  • Rider features

You need to focus on adding the rider feature in your Uber clone app. This will allow them to not only track the user but also allow them to run everything smoothly without any delay.

  • Fare Estimation

When riders arrive at their destination. The fare estimation feature allows them to manage their fare easily according to pickup and drop-off location. 

  • Online Wallet Option

The riders can use the ZOMATO development app so that they don’t have to leave the app to make unsafe payments anymore. This feature of the online wallet option allows them to update their wallet and use the money in further coming rides. Those who want a cashless payment source in Uber like this feature. 

  • In-app Chatting

What if you don’t have a balance in your phone to call the driver from your phone? With the in-app calling and chatting feature, you can easily connect with the driver. In the BLABLA app, drivers easily connect with the user by using in-app chatting and allowing them to track the position with them.

  • Ride Scheduling

On-demand app development companies focus on adding the ride scheduling option in the app. This way, they can not only save time but also get rid of all the problems that come up in future rides.


When it comes to managing a smooth business by using advanced AI technologies. It is important to focus on adding many advanced requirements. You can need to focus on Uber like taxi app development by adding new features that can expand your business and bring ease to the customers. Learn more about how DeviceBee, the top app development company in Dubai, can help you achieve these goals. Visit DeviceBee for more information.