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Meeting Room Food & Beverages Ordering System

Corporate Pantry Management System by DeviceBee

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Let your guests order their favourite F&B item in the meeting room by choosing the tea, coffee or snacks. Our digital menu app allows the office staff to scan the QR code and place their order to their floor’s  pantry.

Streamline Your Office's Digital Operations

Let your business visitors and employees order their Food and Beverages from their desk or in the meeting room with our state of the art Digital Pantry System.  Easy to manage digital menu that is accessible via the QR code or using In Meeting Room Tablet App for your employees and guests.

Meeting Room Ordering System DeviceBee Technologies
Meeting Room Ordering App

Pantry Management Portal

Fully customized pantry management system for businesses. You can add multiple buildings, Floors, Meeting Rooms and Pantries with just few steps. Manage your company’s pantry with our state of the art dashboard to view live orders, items, visitors and the utilization of your pantry items.

Smart Pantry App

A fully integrated app for Android Tablet and Apple iPad that you can place inside your pantry or your office kitchen. Manage your orders, update the inventory track the status from a single point. Smart Pantry App also avaialble 

kitchen ordering app developed by DeviceBee

Serve right on time

Our meeting room ordering app allows you to place the order from your chair and let the barista bring you a hot coffee or karak chaye right infront of you. Serve your guest with best digital experience using our meeting room ordering app for small offices or large enterprises

Office Pantry Management

Best meeting room ordering system for your business.

Let your guests choose thier favourite Karak Chaye or Coffee in the meeting room with our DigitalMenu QR Code

We’re constantly refining our product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.

QR Code Menu

Digital Web Menu for meeting rooms using QR code. Scan QR code any start placing your order in the meeting room.

Track Kitchen Inventory

Access to daily orders, usage of your kitchen inventory and export data into your desired format

Kitchen App

Pantry app for your office kitchen to manage all the orders and update inventory

Multiple Location

Manage multiple kitchens, meeting rooms and locations to stream line your office meeting room ordering


Track what contacts do after they click through to your site using Google Analytics integration.

Social sharing

Track your campaigns’ viral spread on popular social media sites.

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    kitchen ordering app developed by DeviceBee

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