Fesilah - Plants Care App

Fesilah is the ultimate app for plant enthusiasts and gardeners in the UAE. With Fesilah, you can easily get detailed information about plants and trees by simply scanning them with your phone.

Fesilah App Features

  • Scan and Identify: Easily identify plants and trees by scanning them with your phone’s camera. Get instant information on plant species, care requirements, and more.
  • Extensive Database: Access a vast database of plants and trees with detailed descriptions, images, and care instructions.
  • Disease Detection: Scan your plants to detect signs of diseases and get recommendations for treatment.
  • Consult Fesilah Doctors: Connect with professional botanists and plant doctors for personalized advice and solutions to plant health issues.
  • Care Tips: Receive tailored care tips based on the plants you have in your garden.
  • Reminders: Set up reminders for watering, fertilizing, and other essential plant care tasks to ensure your plants thrive.

Experience the joy of gardening like never before with Fesilah, your comprehensive plant and tree information app designed for the UAE.


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Download Fesilah App now and revolutionize your plant care experience. Enjoy the convenience, quality, and reliability of professional plant information and consultation services right at your fingertips! Scan to get plant info and consult with a plant doctor today.

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