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With the millions of people using mobile gadgets, increasing exponentially every year, several  UK based companies are entering into the mobile application development field. This has led to the prevalence of mobile OS (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Window). In many other industries, this increased height of competition would advantage users. In the mobile application development business, however, it has lead to business fission.

Fission is an incidence commonly versed in information technology and computing associated industries. Fission occurs when there are a number of standards or platforms in the industry. This inhibits developers from accessing the full range of the market and forces them to focus only on the most well-liked platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Window . Only developers with an abnormal affluence of resources are competent to cater to the full market. Even UK companies have attested to the deleterious effects of fission in the mobile applications development market. In February 2013, the UK BBC announced schemes to start a mobile news application. During this declaration, they criticized fission within the mobile apps market saying it stopped them from reaching all users uniformly and that until a solution is found success in the mobile application business will suffer.

The UK Mobile Application Development company plans to bring the experience consumers enjoy on desktop PCs to the mobile world. Mobile gadgets run on a closed system where only apps approved by the producer can be installed on devices. UK Mobile application developers are typically forced to get a code-signing records, which cost both time and money. With Android, developers will be competent to install any apps they build up instantly.

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